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Mira Murati leaves the CEO of OpenAI!

Mira Murati leaves the CEO of OpenAI!

OpenAI has named ex-Twitch chief Emmett Shear as interim CEO, while the company's ex-chief Sam Altman has joined Microsoft in a series of surprising episodes in the artificial intelligence industry.

Emmett Shear will replace Mira Murat, who became interim CEO on Friday following Altman's ouster. Murat's departure comes hours after she invited Altman to meet OpenAI executives at the company's San Francisco headquarters on Sunday.

The appointments, which took place Sunday night, follow Altman's departure a few days ago as chief executive of creator ChatGPT, ending speculation that he might return to OpenAI.

In a statement published on X — formerly known as Twitter — Shear dismissed speculation that OpenAI's board fired Altman over disagreements over the security of powerful artificial intelligence models. He vowed to launch an investigation into the download, consider new management for OpenAI, and continue to make the technology accessible, like his viral chatbot.

"I'm not crazy enough to accept this job without the board's support for commercializing our amazing models," Shear said, adding that "the stability of OpenAI and our success is too important to let this dispute play out." harm us".

Shear co-founded Twitch and earlier this year stepped down from leading a similar live video streaming platform at Amazon.com.

OpenAI fired Altman on Friday for a "lack of communication," according to an internal memo seen by Reuters.



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