The ed*og gang is dismantled in Italy, 7 Albanians are arrested

The ed*og gang is dismantled in Italy, 7 Albanians are arrested

7 Albanians have been arrested by Italian authorities after being accused of drug trafficking. At the same time, checks were carried out on 18 other suspects. The case was discovered after the disclosure of a previous investigation which on February 5, 2024 led to the execution of 83 security measures.

In this context, the person responsible for keeping narcotics on behalf of a criminal group with roots in Florence came to the fore. This person, separated from the initial group, then undertook, together with other compatriots located in Albania, an autonomous activity of importing and trading cocaine, hashish and marijuana, from 2018 to the summer of 2022. 

To deal with the new investigative needs, through Eurojust, a JIT (Joint Investigative Team) was created, composed of carabinieri from Borgo San Lorenzo and the Albanian Police, coordinated by the Anti-Mafia District Directorate of Florence and the Special Prosecutor's Office, of Tirana (SPAK) specialized in the fight against organized crime and corruption.

In the previous stages of the investigation, 34 people were arrested. 20 of the arrested were handcuffed on June 27 during the execution of the precautionary measures carried out by the Albanian Police together with carabinieri of the Borgo San Lorenzo company to seize more than 39 kg of cocaine, 55 kg of hashish, 68 kg of marijuana, 34 kg heroin, 4300 euros in cash, 5 trucks and 1 van.

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