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Unstable weather, rain until June 10

Unstable weather, rain until June 10

Weather surprises have continued throughout the month of May, and apparently will continue for a few days in June.

Forecaster Lajda Porja said that today the whole country will be affected by rain after 12 o'clock. Meanwhile, there will also be hail storms in some cities.

The rains will continue until June 10, but this year's summer is expected to be different.

"Spring has been more of an extension of winter. We will still have to wait for the hot days. Currently the weather is clear. Temperatures are high. After 12 o'clock we expect the departure of clouds. Until 8 in the evening, the country will be engulfed by torrential rain and hail. Elbasan, Berat, Korça, will have mini storms of hail. Rain will be present until June 10.

If we make a comparison with last year, there is a big difference, where May has been stable, rainfall has been much less present.

This summer is different from other summers. We will have sunny days, there will be no shortage of tropical storms. We will have them all summer. Unlike other summers, we will have an extended summer in the fall. There is a posting. For all those who rest in July and August, they will have the opportunity to rest in September as well. There will be no shortage of sunny days and high temperatures. The peak will be July and the first days of August. The storms will last for about an hour and then we will have sun again," Porja told News24.

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