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The closed museums in Durrës have not yet opened after the earthquake damage

The closed museums in Durrës have not yet opened after the earthquake

In ancient cities with high tourist flow, museums remain one of the biggest attractions for tourists throughout the year, but in Durrës, the two main museums of the city are closed after the damage suffered by the earthquake 4 years ago.

The Archaeological Museum and the Ethnographic Museum, which also houses the house museum of the great actor Aleksandër Moisiu, have closed their doors pending restoration.

"It is a negative thing since Durrës is the Albanian tourist spot with the highest number of tourists for years. As tourism is a growing sector, this is a very big shortcoming. The main museum of Durrës is closed and has been open and closed for restoration for some time. Tourist spots are very few. It is only the Amphitheater, the Castle and the recently reopened Venetian Tower ", said a citizen.

"It is a very important issue in terms of tourism and the weight that museums have in attracting and engaging tourists, adding attractions to the city. They are the first points where a tourist encounters the culture, history and traditions of a country. And these museums in Durrës are closed. The issue is whether a strategy has been thought of before where the tourists will be oriented before the two museums were closed at the same time", said Dorina Xheraj, museologist.

The process of improving the cultural and touristic infrastructure of the 3000-year-old Durrës is welcomed as a necessity to have safe and contemporary facilities that preserve and exhibit the wealth of our heritage over the centuries. But there is still no deadline for when the museums of Durrës will be opened for the many local and foreign visitors, so citizens and specialists are looking for new opportunities and strategies.

"Not only two museums, but other points should be opened for tourists coming to Durrës. This is for the improvement of tourism and the hospitality of tourists",  said another citizen.

"The offers and possibilities are endless, but we have to say that the museum must come out of the walls to become more accessible to citizens, schools and tourists. The formats, the possibilities are for the museums to go out and engage the citizens through a program that should have been thought of a little earlier" , added Xheraj.

Due to unforeseen works, the project for the restoration of the Archaeological Museum is in the process of re-evaluation as it requires intervention and other funds. Meanwhile, the Ethnographic Museum of Durrës, erected in a citizen's residence with a veranda, which belongs to the second half of the century. XIX and restored in 1983, it is awaiting a new restoration.

The National Council of Material Cultural Heritage has approved the project for the restoration of this building, but no intervention has yet been made in this museum, which has been closed for 4 years. TCH

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