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"Naimi betrayed us", says the father of Liridona Murseli: This is why he killed my daughter

"Naimi betrayed us", says the father of Liridona Murseli: This is why

Liridona's father Ademaj Murseli spoke about his daughter's murder, a crime for which the main suspect is Naim Murseli, the victim's husband.

For News 24, Liridona's father said that he was notified of the serious news by Naimi. He says that Liridona had a life insurance in Sweden and there is talk of large sums of money, which is suspected to have been the motive for the murder.

"That Naim informed me, after we found out that he was killed, we went to find out where he is. We went and Naim had betrayed us. How is work, I asked Naim. He started telling me.' We were walking on the road and they cut us off on the road. Liridona said stop the car. I opened my door. How is it that my daughter was killed in the car. I said 'how do you leave the girl in the car'. He said 'Liridona was asked for the money and she did not give it'. That's where I doubted. The police did not ask us to give a statement. The girl has never revealed that she had problems with her husband. The girl lived in Sweden and had insurance and a lot of money. This is the doubt, about the insurance money.

We doubt he lived a life of great luxury. 'I will kill this person and take his pension, the money that belongs to him', this is the idea Naimi went with. It can only be done for economic reasons. Killing your wife and children on the street is a great sin. The children are at Naim's house. From our side, there is no obstacle as to where children should stay" , said the victim's father.

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