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'New York Times': McGonigal set up an FBI investigation into a rival of Edi Rama

'New York Times': McGonigal set up an FBI investigation into a rival

The former high official of the FBI, Charles McGonigal, was declared guilty by the Federal Court in Washington for the Albanian file, in which it is said that he received 225 thousand dollars from the former intelligence agent, Agron Neza.

The New York Times writes that McGonigal admitted accepting $225,000 in cash installments from Neza and traveling to Albania with him and helping to grant an oil drilling license to a company linked to the former intelligence agent.

McGonigal asked Neza for the money as a loan as they discussed a possible business venture, including forming the consulting company he referred to in court, but there were no terms on the loan and it was never repaid.

"He used his position to try to generate a $500,000 payment to Mr. Neza from an Eastern European pharmaceutical company. And he set up an FBI investigation into an American lobbyist working for a political rival of the Albanian prime minister, Edi Rama, with whom Mr. McGonigal had struck up a friendship. The investigation did not result in charges" , the article states.

Washington prosecutors agreed to drop eight of the nine charges originally filed against him at the time of his sentencing, most of which carried a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

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