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From the accusations against Durim Bami to the opponents of Ervis Martinaj, details from the SPAK mega-operation

From the accusations against Durim Bami to the opponents of Ervis Martinaj,

New details about SPAK's mega-operation have been revealed, where around 50 arrest warrants were issued.

Durim Bami is accused of creating conditions for the assassination of Marklen Haka, where his aunt was killed. The event in question happened in 2019, on the night of the September 21 earthquake.

Naim Stafuka, the brother of Enver Stafuka, who is missing, was also arrested for this event. Enver Stafuka was kidnapped and disappeared without a trace.

Rigert Mitri, who held the post of police director of Lezha, is being sought. An order has also been signed for Klodian Shahini, who was effective in Lezhë, and former RENEA officer Altin Morina, resulting in communication with criminal contingents.

In Nikël, they have announced the search for the 'strong', among them Durim Bami. The latter is accused of creating the conditions for Marklen Haka's murder. From SPAK data, it appears that he helped in the assassination of Haka, where his aunt was killed. Afterwards, Haka survived several assassination attempts. The brother of Enver Stafuka, (kidnapped and missing), Naim Stafuka, who was arrested yesterday, is also accused of being involved in this crime.

Meanwhile, several suppliers of Nikla's weapons and drugs were also arrested. In this operation, there were also people arrested outside, or those operating from inside the prisons. As for the city of Tirana, sources indicate that more than 10 arrest warrants have been issued by GJKKO for organized crime. Controls have also been extended to the Fresk area in the residences of the Duka brothers (Erlis and Leonard Duka), known as the enemies of Ervis Martinaj, the former gambling boss who has been considered missing since August 8, 2022.

In Larushk of Fushë-Kruja, sources inform that a search was carried out at the house of Albert Zaja, sentenced to 19 years in prison by the GJKKO Appeal for the murder of Shkëlzen Kastrati. Controls were also carried out in Vlora in the apartment of Fatmir Hysen (Doca), who eliminated Santiago Malka, a former police officer and known as the trusted arm of Ervis Martinaj.

There were controls for the arrest of members of the Avdulaj tribe, where arrest warrants were issued for Astrit and Aldo Avdylaj (uncle and nephew). It is suspected that Astrit Avdulaj is the head of the criminal group. It is also reported that around 3 million euros in cash have been seized in the apartment of Ervis Doçi, known infamously as Visit Poja.

The arrest of former deputy Arben Ndoka, who is accused of an incident in Shkodër, has also been requested. Meanwhile, an official response from SPAK is expected today, where details will be given about the action in question.

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