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Anti-gambling operation, 116 arrested across the country

Anti-gambling operation, 116 arrested across the country

The Director of the State Police, Muhamet Rrumbullaku, appeared at a media conference, giving details on the operation against gambling.

Rrumbullaku stated that the first phase took place from November 25 to November 30, while the second phase took place from December 1 to the evening of December 6.

During the 2 phases of this operation, 1,078 bars and other premises were checked, in which gambling was suspected to be organized, of which illegalities in this area were found in 253, and 1,895 citizens were also checked.

As a result of these controls, 181 cases were identified and dealt with, for which 210 citizens were criminally prosecuted, of which: 116 citizens were arrested in the act, 89 citizens were prosecuted in a free state, and the work continues to capture 5 other citizens.

During the checks, the following were seized: 4 poker tables, with suitcases of chips and gambling cards, 184 mobile phones, 25 computer units, dice, 174,000 lek, 20,434 euros and 11,360 pounds used for gambling, as well as quantity of cannabis, combat ammunition, 1 air pistol, 1 cutting tool (knife) and 1 vehicle.

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