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Part of the terrorist act in Nice in 2016/29-year-old arrested from Peqin, changed his name 4 times to avoid the police

Part of the terrorist act in Nice in 2016/29-year-old arrested from Peqin,

A 29-year-old man from Peqin declared internationally wanted has been arrested in Caserta, Italy. The person in handcuffs is the Albanian citizen Endri Blliku (Elezi), who was declared internationally wanted by the French authorities.

This citizen is accused of being a co-perpetrator of the terrorist attack that took place on 14.07.2016, on the boulevard "Promenade des Anglais", Nice, France, where a person identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, driving a 19-ton truck, drove through the crowd of people walking on the boulevard where the celebrations of French independence were taking place, causing the death of 86 people and the injury of dozens of others.During the search of the truck were found weapons and ammunition.Citizen Endri Elezi is suspected as the person who has supplied weapons to the perpetrator of the attack. " said in the police notice. 

It is learned that Endri Blliku, in order to hide and avoid capture, has changed his generalities several times from Endri Elezi to Juxhino Elezi, Xhino Elezi and finally to Endri Blliku.

Endri Blliku (Elezi), accused by the French authorities of "Participation in a criminal group," Illegal possession of weapons and ammunition "," Illegal possession of military materials ", currently arrested in Italy, is awaiting extradition proceedings towards France.

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