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Gunshot wounds in Mat, the perpetrator is wanted

Gunshot wounds in Mat, the perpetrator is wanted


The services of the Mat Police Station, around 04:30, received a notification that a citizen had gone to the hospital for medical help, wounded by a gunshot, and immediately organized the work to clarify the circumstances of the incident, identify and arrest the perpetrator.

Thanks to the quick actions, it has become possible to identify the suspected author, a citizen of BK, 38 years old, a resident of Burrel, where the work for his capture continues.

From the first investigative actions, it is suspected that these two citizens were in a bar consuming alcohol and after leaving the bar, they had a conflict for weak motives and the citizen BK injured the citizen AD, 39 years old, with a pistol. in hospital out of danger to life.

Mati Police Services, in cooperation with the investigative structures of DVP Dibër, have escorted to the police station 8 people who are suspected of having knowledge of the circumstances of the event.

The investigative group under the direction of the Prosecutor's Office continues the actions at the scene with the aim of elucidating and fully documenting the circumstances of the event.

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