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The policeman in Shkodër steals the citizen's envelope with lek from the car, AMP starts the investigation

The policeman in Shkodër steals the citizen's envelope with lek from

An employee of the State Police has stolen an envelope of money from a citizen's car.

As can be seen from the images provided by "JOQ", the police officer, identified with the initials Sh.Gj., entered the area where the vehicle was being cleaned, approached the door where he found and took the money envelope. But he did not notice the cameras.

Therefore, he has been suspended from duty, while the Police Supervision Agency has started investigations against him.


" Regarding a video published on the JOQ portal in which a police officer appears in violation of standard work procedures, we clarify that: The Director of the Local Police Directorate of Shkodër has immediately suspended the police officer Deputy Commissioner Sh. Gj., on duty as a specialist of the Order Police at the Shkodër Police Station, as well as the AMP has been notified about the case.

Meanwhile, the Directorate of Professional Standards in the General Directorate of the State Police has started the disciplinary investigation for a serious violation. The State Police assures the citizens that it is determined not to tolerate any case of abuse of duty or violation of the image of the Police and the trust of the citizens of the State Police ", says the response of the Shkodra Local Police Directorate.

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