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The police action in a bar in the "Community of Paris", the three owners are arrested, and the customers suffer

The police action in a bar in the "Community of Paris", the three

The Tirana police have "seized" a bar in Tirana, in the area of ​​the Commune of Paris based on the coded operation "Poker 2". The Blues have arrested three young men who had adapted the bar, for organizing illegal gambling activities.

Meanwhile, 7 other citizens who were caught playing poker in the bar have been criminally prosecuted.

The police seized 2 poker tables and chips, 3 computer units and sums of money obtained from this illegal activity.

"As part of this operation, the following citizens were arrested: A. Ç., 32 years old, Xh. M., 28 years old, and ED, 28 years old, administrators of a bar, all three residents of Tirana.

In addition, the procedure started in a state of freedom for the following citizens: KN, 21 years old, KK, 25 years old, AO, 25 years old, AK, 41 years old, Q. Sh., 27 years old, A. Ç., 27 years old, and ID, 44 years old, customers in the bar.

During the control exercised in the bar administered by the arrested, in the Municipality of Paris, the Police services have caught the aforementioned citizens red-handed playing poker with chips.

As material evidence, 2 poker tables and chips, 50,000 new lek, 700 euros, 300 pounds, 200 francs, as well as 3 computer units were seized, the police announced.

The materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office for further action.

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