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The prosecution dismissed the case, Lear Kurti's mother: She gave her life in the hands of the police

The prosecution dismissed the case, Lear Kurti's mother: She gave her life

A day ago, the Prosecutor's Office dismissed the case, concluding that there were no violations by the police officers during and after his escort to the police station.

The 32-year-old man died a year ago, while according to the expert report, the cause was the ingestion of a bag of narcotics, after he was stopped by the police. Today, Lear Kurti's mother spoke to News 24 amid tears.

But his mother says that her son died at the hands of the officers, and that they would have been known to give him first aid and send him to the hospital, and then continue with the legal procedures.

" They had to take him to the hospital, then let the police do their job. They have committed a violation here. The moment they caught him, I don't know anything and the camera is not discussed and everything is cleaned, but Lear has given life in their hands. And they brought him dead to the hospital and put a fake Vigo on him. Leari died in their hands, the police.

In Leari, there is also a sign of ribs, I don't know, whether it's a kick or... I really hope for the Court. What can I say, the desert, what's done is done, but there is no certainty here. How my son's job can be another's turn, I don't wish it on anyone.

If they had acted properly today, Leari would be either with me or what the state would do. I go twice a week to my son's grave and pray to God to meet us together. They should have given her the first aid, because the hospital was nearby ", she confessed between tears.

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