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KLSH report: Institutions, 712 million euros damage to the budget, 1/3 of tenders without competition

KLSH report: Institutions, 712 million euros damage to the budget, 1/3 of

The concern constantly raised by Ora News for the development of non-competitive tenders or the disqualifications of the participating companies has also been ascertained by the Supreme State Audit.
The report of this institution does not specify an exact value of the economic damage caused to the state budget.

According to the data, it turns out that one third of the contracts were concluded without competition, with only one participating economic operator and in violation of the law.
It was even found that the tenders during the period in question were distributed to only a few companies and the evaluation system by the institutions that developed the procedures was unequal.
KLSH emphasizes that exactly the selected winning bid was the highest and almost the same as the limit fund, discriminating against other participating companies contrary to all principles of transparency.

While the criteria set for qualification, often considered redundant by stakeholders, in no case have been argued but the institutions have been content with merely citing that they were conducted in support of the legal framework.
However, abuses have been found in some areas and in total during 2020 an economic damage of 712 million euros was caused to the state budget.
Most of the violations were detected in revenues and expenditures, which caused damage worth 694.1 million euros. While illegal financial actions amount to 17.7 million euros. Ora News

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