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180 kg of marijuana are seized, handcuffed to two Albanians in Spain

180 kg of marijuana are seized, handcuffed to two Albanians in Spain

An action launched by a patrol in the prevention and security service belonging to the Main Post of the Civil Guard of Vícar noticed that in a house there were several people carrying out the packaging of marijuana buds. During the observation , the Civil Guard personnel observed the movement of various persons and vehicles.

Two hours after the start of the operation, different patrols intercepted two vehicles at the exit of the house, with the suspicion that one of them could be used to transport narcotics, giving a positive result when after identifying the persons and inspecting the vehicles, it was found that the second was fully loaded with marijuana buds, vacuum packed and labeled. Regarding the case, it is learned that two people of Albanian nationality were arrested.

After receiving the relevant judicial authorization, the Civil Guard personnel responsible for the investigation carried out the inspection of the apartment, where they found numerous packages with different labels, several boxes of new bags, two vacuum packaging machines, a digital scale, etc., which are usually used for the development of indoor marijuana cultivation. In addition to nearly 170 bags of packaged buds, about 180 kg, a packaging machine and various disinfection products were also found in the previously seized vehicle.

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