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How Albanian teenagers are entering Britain to work for drug gangs; go to prison to gain asylum

How Albanian teenagers are entering Britain to work for drug gangs; go to prison

Albanian teenagers are sneaking into Great Britain and joining drug gangs in order to be sent to prison and receive asylum.

"Daily Mail" writes that young people are used by gangs such as the notorious "Hellbanianz" and recruited to work on cannabis farms or to distribute drugs on British properties. Closely watched by the gangs, the teenagers work to pay off their debt to people smugglers before sending money home.

If caught by the police, the men face prison because mafia lawyers use a legal loophole to block deportation to Albania by claiming they were victims of modern slavery.

Albanian gangs have seized control of the UK cocaine economy over the past 20 years after forging an alliance with Latin American drug cartels.

Among them, the Hellbanianz gang based on the Gascoigne estate in Barking, East London have established themselves as a sinister force to be reckoned with. The infamous crew flaunt their wealth by sharing videos on social media of their flash sports cars, jewelry and wads of cash.

Arrogant and unafraid of the police, the masked Hellbanianz gangsters even released music videos showing armored vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns parading around a London flat.

While drug kingpins for the gang pose happily in quiet British prisons in stylish tracksuits with 'Hellbanianz' or 'HB' graffiti scrawled on their cell walls.

Hellbanianz alone are believed to traffic millions of pounds worth of drugs into the country every year. But smaller Albanian crews and independent traders are also setting up in Britain.

In January, a drug dealer who arrived in the UK on a migrant boat was found running a £649,000 cannabis farm in a historic 15-room Scottish mansion.

Flogerd Baqli, 26, lied about being a victim of human trafficking when he was part of an organized crime gang that oversaw a major drug operation in Dundee.

Dundee Sheriff Court was told that 649 cannabis plants were found inside the listed mansion - estimated to be worth £1.4million - when it was raided by police. Baqli - who arrived in England by boat from France - tried to flee but he was caught after a police chase and arrested near the property.

And in August, drug lord Selamet Mehmetaj, nicknamed "Djalli" was jailed for four-and-a-half years for running cannabis factories staffed by illegal immigrants that distributed millions of pounds worth of drugs a year across the UK.

"The Devil" was known for his gruesome brags on social media after he described how he previously grabbed and cut off the fingers of a rival who had tripped him up.

Mehmetaj's downfall began after Mail reporters posing as dealers wanting to buy wholesale drugs contacted him through his Instagram page titled 'Albanian Blood'.

On the site, he showed off his cannabis plants and posted videos to highlight which strains were available to customers.

He agreed to meet at his home in Palmers Green, North London, where he revealed how he spent the money from his illegal business on a lavish lifestyle, including a £50,000 Mercedes-Benz CLA AMG, an Audi RS7 - which he drives at over 200mph on motorways using fake license plates - and a Formula 3 off-road racing car.

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