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Scandal/ 433 students have been studying at wedding venues in Përrenjas for a year

Scandal/ 433 students have been studying at wedding venues in Përrenjas for

The show Fiks Fare broadcast this evening the problem of the students of the United High School, "Salih Halili", in Rrajcë.

The students of this school have been studying in wedding halls and basements for a year.

This is because the United High School "Salih Halili" in the village of Rrajcë of the Përrenja Municipality, due to depreciation and damage caused by the earthquakes of recent years, was finally closed for its 433 students.

Students express their concern regarding this situation, where they emphasize that these facilities do not even meet the minimum conditions of a school.

They are small and uncomfortable premises to develop the learning process. In addition to this, another complaint was about the humidity in these provisional classes. This situation has often led students and parents to protest, but no one has paid attention to them.

One of the teachers says about Fiksi that many requests have been made on their part, but no measures have been taken. She says that these facilities are not at all comfortable, as the number of students is too large for these facilities. Since the closing of this building, the students of the "Salih Halili" United High School have been teaching in shifts.

The shifts are divided according to classes, where the high school conducts the lesson in the first shift and the 9-year-old in the second shift.

The journalists of the show Fiks Fare asked for an answer from the Municipality of Përrenjas, where they told you that a project has been drawn up for the construction of the school from 2020 and they have waited for this project to be approved by the Ministry of Education and Sports, and by the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

The Municipality of Përrenjas told Fiksi that it was promised by the ministry that they will soon make it possible to finance the construction of this building. But until the construction of the school, they have tried to fit the classrooms in some existing buildings, such as wedding halls, which have been rented. top channel



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