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The 'Gjici' scandal, Alma Kaçi breaks the silence: I wanted to unmask a headline, the tender for dogs was camouflage

The 'Gjici' scandal, Alma Kaçi breaks the silence: I wanted to

Alma Kaçi, the woman who was involved in a sexual scandal with the former head of the municipality of Kukes, Safet Gjici, breaks her silence.

She spoke in an interview on "Ora News", where she confessed her truth for the first time.

Kaçi asks not to deal with her minor son in this episode, also because of prejudices, while her call is only justice.

Alma Kaçi: " Normally, the motivation was to unmask an official, that the citizens are waiting there at the door to cry about their plight and he abuses the state office".

It shows that the dog rehabilitation tender was a camouflage since its purpose was to discredit the officials who abuse their duties.

Alma Kaçi:  "The presentation of the project and the project itself was just a fable."

For almost 4 months, Kaçi has been facing two challenges in life, that of justice and facing public opinion.

He wants to keep away from this whirlwind of reactions the minor boy for whom he says he denounced the abuses.

Alma Kaçi:  "He is a child who is experiencing everything, despite the fact that he does not know anything, because I disconnected him from social networks. But I'm sure public opinion will say why didn't you think about the child and so on. No. Because this future generation should not encounter such abuses".

ALMA K.'s only calling, as she became known, is to become justice.

Alma Kaçi:  "I only turn to justice, because at least my child's right is being deprived. At least give him the right to live. And living does not mean that you only have to breathe. To live with all perspectives as a child lives".

Alma Kaçi is being investigated by the security measure of house arrest after the video scandal with the mayor of Kukës, Safet Gjici. Because she has a minor child, she wants to continue the process in a free state.          

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