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The McGonigal scandal, the former minister tells why Rama does not resign: He knows what awaits him

The McGonigal scandal, the former minister tells why Rama does not resign: He

The former Minister of Justice, Ylli Manjani, has commented on the position of Prime Minister Edi Rama after the McGonigal scandal. He says that it is impossible for Rama to surrender, as he knows what awaits him if he does not have immunity.

Manjani says that they would take bad revenge against Rama. According to him, Rama does not consider resignation a political normality. He further emphasizes that the prime minister does not associate anyone with Western standards.

"Edi Rama finds it impossible to resign! With what he has done, with the extreme overuse he has done to associates, allies, public institutions and justice He knows what awaits him.

How many people, including businessmen, did he treat like squeezed lemons? No one forgives you today and He knows it. Imagine what the prosecutors of SPAK and his collaborators who abused them could do. Those who carry out his dirty plans today are ready to introduce him as soon as he is not where he is. This is little, but sure.

So he needs power and immunity for the rest of his life. They need more than they do. It is no longer in paranoia, but in constant expectation of the punishment that awaits and what they do. All contributors and those who serve him today he views with suspicion...

Therefore, resignation to his logic makes no sense. He fights for eternity in power. In fact, he has regularly expressed his need for power. He has been saying for a long time "prove me a crime and put me in jail, or leave me in power". So the alternatives I put are the ones I control myself.

In his mind, there is nothing normal political like resignation, or losing elections because you stink in power. Rotation, independence, law, democracy and other words like these are unacceptable to him.

Close to your mind, you look for that Western political standard. He is in permanent trouble and only the government cures this trouble. What does he have to do with the West?!

He has declared eternity in power and has no problem at all stinking there. The question remains, do Albanians accept this standard or not? The answer to this question can still be given by the vote. I say "still" because we may not have it anymore... ", writes Manjani.

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