Rama-McGonigal scandal, SPAK starts investigations

Rama-McGonigal scandal, SPAK starts investigations

The Special Prosecutor's Office has started investigations, after the relationship between Prime Minister Edi Rama and former FBI agent Charles McGonigal was discovered.

Rama allegedly paid 225,000 euros to damage the opposition. The relationship with the head of the government has helped the former agent to extend his business activity in Albania.

It is claimed that Rama's two lobbyists at McGonigal are Agron Neza and Dorian Ducka. The request for an investigation by SPAK was submitted by MP Gazment Bardhi. The latter demanded that investigations be started against Prime Minister Rama for corruption of foreign public servants, false declaration of assets, and money laundering.

We remember that a day ago, the chief democrat Sali Berisha showed the documents proving that Rama and his government were under investigation by the USA.

Regarding this issue, Berisha has stated that it harms Albania-USA relations, proves the international corruption of Rama and that the American ambassador Yuri Kim should be investigated. The latter has not made any reaction so far on this issue.

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