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Gjic's sexual scandal, GJKKO passes the case for trial

Gjic's sexual scandal, GJKKO passes the case for trial

The Special Court against Corruption and Organized Crime has passed for trial the file in charge of the former mayor of Kukës, Safet Gjici, and citizen Alma Kaçi.

GJKKO accepted the request of the prosecution representative Manjola Kajana to pass the file for trial for the criminal offenses of 'passive corruption' regarding Gjici and 'active corruption' regarding Kači.

 "I had heard and received information that such officials carried out actions in violation of their duties, including Gjici. I decided to do an investigation, I had no intention of getting a tender or any such favor. I just wanted to prove how high officials abuse their office," Kaçi said in court.

Meanwhile, Gjici said that the scenario is made up, not even sparing the accusations.

"There is no fact, no evidence, no firm or decision to prove that I committed the criminal offense. It is a matter fabricated by political soldiers," said Gjici. 

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