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"SPAK with double standards", Lubonja: Why doesn't Rama investigate strategic investors

"SPAK with double standards", Lubonja: Why doesn't Rama

Analyst Fatos Lubonja commented on the report of the head of SPAK, Altin Dumani, to the Law Commission.

Invited to News24, he said that it was more of a show and that SPAK operates with two standards. 

"If an investigation was opened against Sali Berisha because he signed a law change, from which his son-in-law or his client benefited, today we have Edi Rama's signatures day by day, from these strategic investors, who also come to us in files of plans that commit murder. Then why is Edi Rama not investigated?

I say that history has shown us that even close friends and brothers, the struggle for power has turned them into enemies. I'm giving you an example, Ramiz Alia put Nexhmije Hoxha in prison ," said Lubonja.


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