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Albanian gangs involved? There is an attempt to kidnap the Belgian Minister of Justice

Albanian gangs involved? There is an attempt to kidnap the Belgian Minister of

Gangs in Belgium have attempted to kidnap the Minister of Justice, Vincent Van Quickenborne. The plan was accidentally foiled by the police, thanks to a search of a vehicle and cooperation with Dutch colleagues.

All four suspected hijackers were arrested in the Netherlands. And according to Belgian media, they are drug traffickers. Van Quickenborne stated that he had been warned by the federal prosecutor that there was a plan to kidnap him.

"At the moment I will be under observation and I will not be able to participate in some planned activities in the following days. It is not pleasant, but it is understandable", explained the minister.

He also added that "we will continue to fight organized crime, with more people and resources than before. In our democratic legal state, we will never bow to violence".

For almost a decade, Belgium has become one of the main centers of entry of cocaine into Europe. The port of Antwerp, according to the data of the Europol report "Cocaine Insight", has won the record of the port with the largest traffic of the white powder on the continent: last year 66 tons of cocaine were seized, compared to five in 2013.

Behind it, the nearby Dutch port of Rotterdam. The increase in drug flows has been accompanied by a progressive increase in the presence of the mafia in the territory, from the Ndrangheta to the Albanian one, passing through the emerging Moccro Maffia, a group originally composed of European criminals born of Moroccan immigrant families. As evidence of their presence in the area, there was an increase in murders.

Source: EuropaToday

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