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The death of the Kenyan woman, another casino employee testifies: I accompanied Joy home, we stayed for a few minutes

The death of the Kenyan woman, another casino employee testifies: I accompanied

New details have been revealed from the death of Kenyan Joy Ayoko.

Journalist Klodiana Lala revealed the testimony of another casino worker where Joy worked. The worker, identified as Emiljano, has shown that he accompanied the Kenyan to the apartment and even went up to the residence, and smoked a cigarette with her.

The employee says that Joy Ayoko was a smiling girl and that he had never seen her consume narcotics.

From the footage, a person who moves on a scooter also appears. Emiljano also has one, who claimed that he bought the scooter after the incident.

"Another employee was questioned, identified as Emiljan. An employee of the casino where the girl worked. On the day Joy was found raped, she was at work from midnight until the early hours of the morning. According to him, he worked the third shift. HE said that he accompanied the girl to several places where he worked. He also said that he had a work relationship with a colleague, but he claims that he accompanied her home several times, he says that he also went to the residence where the girl was staying. He also said that he also went up to the apartment and says that he stayed with him for a few minutes and that he smoked cigarettes. He also said that she was a smiling girl and that he had not seen her consume narcotics. Among other things, he said that he gave blood when he was raped. He was not questioned earlier because the investigators did not know that he had any contact with the incident. but after disassembling the phone, new details have come to light. There is also a film footage, which shows that it is a person who is moving on a black scooter, and it turned out that the person in question was also using such a scooter. But he said that he bought it later than the incident happened", says the employee's testimony.

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