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"The country is ready", Manjani: After losing the seal, Basha can go to Berisha

"The country is ready", Manjani: After losing the seal, Basha can go

The lawyer Ylli Manjani declares that the former chief democrat Lulzim Basha can join the DP led by Sali Berisha.

Invited to Euronews Albania, he said that this could also be the reason for today's movement of Alibeaj, who left the DP parliamentary group, after receiving the stamp from Berisha.

" The analysis is simple. It is a community of individuals who do their own calculations. Where do I become a deputy? It is a collective organization. It seems that they didn't have a plan B. Agron Shehaj is the clearest, he didn't insult anyone, he didn't speak, he created his new political position.

These are men's movements now. He says I will complain, what complaint will you make aman. You were a political leader for 8 years. Didn't you learn anything? How to lead, how to develop ideas. Perhaps Alibeaj can also be read as, 'I am placing the stake'.

It precedes a movement, because Luli is probably ready to go to Saliu. Because even Luli himself makes this calculation. Where I win the mandate is easier for me, to go where the place is ready, or to start from scratch. They are pits. Their mission is how to become a deputy", said Manjani.

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