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Video/ Begaj misses the meeting with the Albanians of America, confuses Finiq with the genocide against Chameria

Video/ Begaj misses the meeting with the Albanians of America, confuses Finiq

"Are you going to the Cham cemetery"? This was the question of Marko Kepi, one of the activists of the Albanian-American community, addressed to President Bajram Begaj, during his last visit to the USA.

A seemingly simple question, but which made President Begaj not only "sweat" and the words stuck in his throat, but also to make a mess of an open wound even to this day for Albanians.

While everyone was waiting for Begaj to declare with a strong and confident voice that he would go to the Cham cemetery, trying to play the diplomat, he confused himself even worse, as he equated his visit to Finiq, a Greek minority village , with the genocide against Chameria. Begaj proudly mentions that he has been to Finiq, but he does not say that he will go to Çamëri, to the Albanian land where thousands of people shed their blood.

Shameful for the President of Albania and the Albanians, who is afraid to say that he will go to honor the Chams killed by the Greek chauvinist forces. The Parliament of Albania has approved a resolution that recognizes the killing of Chameria Albanians as genocide, so honoring Begaj is an obligation, but apparently the President has not been told this yet.

But what more should Albanians expect from such a President, who, as he has started, will forget May 5 or November 28-29, but who will not forget to go to the Beer Festival, as he did this year.

The Chame issue remains a stain of shame on all Albanian governments, which never dared to go all the way due to the pressures from Greece with the integration into the European Union, but which adds to this shame even more by the election of such people in high positions that don't even dare to mention it, let alone demand an account for the blood of thousands of people. Ditar.al

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