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The sexual video scandal with Safet Gjicin, what Alma Kaçi said: I filmed it with a glass. Here's who asked me

The sexual video scandal with Safet Gjicin, what Alma Kaçi said: I filmed

In the file of the Special Court, which is available to Top Channel, the statement that Alma Kaçi gave to the investigators, after the publication of the sexual video scandal with Safet Gjicin, at that time the mayor of Kukës, has been disclosed.

In her statements, she admits that she met him once before recording him, where she claims that he performed obscene sexual acts in front of her, with himself. Meanwhile, the second time, she declares that it is the case when she filmed it.

She also talks about the meeting with Abedin Oruçi, the person who the Court says was the one who asked her to perform this act and film it, in exchange for the money that he then gave her.

Alma Kaç's statement: I arrived in Kukës earlier than the meeting time and stopped at the bar of Oruç. First, I left the car at the gas station and sat down to drink coffee.

There I also met the citizen Abedin Oruçi, who stayed with me for a few minutes, and there I told him that I was going to Safet Gjic's office about the issue of dogs, which he also knew about because I had discussed during the campaign what I wanted for the dogs. on the way...

After Abedin's worker supplied the car with fuel with 5,000 new lek of his own accord, which he did not let me pay.

In the meantime, the citizen Safet Gjici wrote to me to come at 9:30 and I started to go to his office...

I left the Kuka Municipality offices and on the way back I stopped at ..., again I left the car at the gas station which is located in front of ... on the other side of the road. When I stopped, I left my bag in the car and took only my wallet and sat down to coffee.

I just told Abedin that I met the mayor and I will start the project by email. I did not discuss anything else with Abedin that day.

The court states that in the above statement, she explains that regarding what happened to Safeti, she did not speak with the citizen Abedin Oruçi. Meanwhile, in the same statement, she claims that Abedini asked her to do the filming, but not for monetary reasons but for social reasons, and she also stated that she showed it to Abedini, who withheld it against her will.

The file states that specifically, the citizen Alma Kaçi was asked in the capacity of the person who has knowledge of the criminal offense on June 17, 2023: Did the citizen Abedin Oruçi ask you to make the film material and hand it over to him in exchange for any monetary reward ? explained: Yes, he asked me in a social way since this behavior of Mayor Kuka was a repeated behavior in state offices based on the words that were circulating.

I did not receive any monetary benefit or reward, only 15,000 new lek, which he gave me as a gift for my son.

I had no intention of giving this film material to citizen Abedin Oruçi, but he opened it on his computer and when I asked him to take it, he violently kept the film material from me. I made the recording through a glass with which I filmed.

The file states: So, in the first statement, the citizen Alma Kaçi claims that it is precisely the citizen Abedin Oruçi who asked her to film. She claimed that the citizen Abedin Oruçi gave her the sum of 15,000 lek as a gift for the child.

From the above statement, we get an important indication that the citizen Abedin Oruçi requested the filming of the citizen Safet Gjici and that this citizen has given him benefits regardless of the name given to him by this citizen.

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