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The theft of TIMS system data / Journalist shows how the suspects are trying to escape the investigation

The theft of TIMS system data / Journalist shows how the suspects are trying to

The journalist who denounced the theft of TIMS system data, Ferdinand Dervishi, says that the perpetrators and enforcers of the crime are trying to provide themselves with security certificates to escape the investigation.

In a post on Facebook, he writes that he has launched a campaign against the institution that issues these certificates.

" The state effort to reduce the criminal attack on the TIMS system turns into a headache for the authorities and perpetrators. All batteries are now focused on AKSIK (National Agency for Security of Classified Information) or former DSIK, putting pressure on it to urgently issue security certificates for T. Balles' new cyber security 'team'. The pressure is especially for the release of the security certificate for the main accused for the attack on the TIMS system, which is hindered by the investigation for the scandal of the theft and making public of salary data from the tax database", writes Dervishi.

Furthermore, he adds that pressure is also being exerted for the device with a security certificate of the new head of Cyber ​​Intelligence, investigated in 2014 for the theft of a personal computer hard drive, while she was working as a specialist in the Directorate of Technology and Information at the Ministry internal.

"It is not known whether the two mentioned above have declared or concealed their illegal actions in the forms that AKSIK requires. Meanwhile, 6 hours ago, the American Embassy once again came out with a public announcement where it considered US support for cyber security in Albania as essential" , concludes the journalist's reaction.

The Democratic Party has also made public complaints about the case, stating that the theft was committed by the director of the Department of Information Technology, Ervin Muça, who was subsequently suspended from office.

According to the DP, he exported the entire TIMS database to an external hard drive, while to perform this act he used employees of two private companies of IT Soft & Solution of Ermal Beqiri, and the company "Horizon", who they had gone during the afternoon hours near the DTI laboratory, on "Mine Peza" street, and had exported the data.

According to the opposition, the database of the TIMS system was exported to Cyprus, and during the export, DTI of the Police, Albana Vrapi from the Database Sector, Enkli Hoxha from the Server Sector, Egis Hidri from the Server Sector, Xhulja Çollaku were present. from the Server Sector, Elvis Login from the Server Sector.

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