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The murder of Brilant Martinaj/ A policeman helped the perpetrators leave, sheltered them in the apartment

The murder of Brilant Martinaj/ A policeman helped the perpetrators leave,

New details have emerged from the execution of Brilant Martinaj and his two friends Besmir Hoxha and Dikler Vata in Fushë Krujë last summer.

A police officer allegedly helped the perpetrators escape after they set fire to the car they used in the crime.

The show "Në Shënještër" published part of the investigation file, where it turns out that the MD officer accompanied and sheltered the perpetrators even before the murder last summer.

But as it is estimated in the investigation file, the investigation group cannot provide the number or phone numbers of this police officer.

After the failure to secure phone records, the prosecution decided to monitor the police officer's environment.

The blue uniforms put a GPS on the MD trooper's car

Through this practice, the police hoped to obtain valuable information that could lead to the identification of the possible perpetrators of the crime in Fushë-Kruje.

But despite these moves, it seems that something went wrong in this investigation, just like in many similar investigations of this nature which unravel without starting well. 

The MD police officer was aware of every investigative action that the police were doing against him and as it turns out, he took the appropriate measures to avoid being caught by his colleagues, who had already fallen on the trail of his criminal activity.

According to the information provided by the show 'On target', after the Court gave consent for the interception of the suspected police officer, the investigative group decided to set a trap for him, this time placing a GPS on his personal car.

But in order to make this trap as real as possible and to remove any doubt from himself, the police officer was called twice to Tirana with the justification of the need for a training. In fact, it was nothing but a string prepared by the investigative team.

However, the MD officer was not as clever as his colleagues thought, who had opened an investigation.

Ndërsa grupi hetues vendosi GPS në makinën e tij dhe pritej që punonjësi i dyshuar i policisë të vinte me makinën e tij, çuditërisht në të dyja rastet e paraqitjes së tij në ‘trajnim’, ai mbërriti jo me automjetin e tij, por me atë të personave të tjerë.

Duket se nuhatja e oficerit të policisë se mund të ishte në monitorimin e grupit hetues, veproi më shpejt se këta të fundit. Siç mëson edhe emisioni “Në Shënjestër” efektivi i policisë M. D., reagoi në kohë, duke shtangur edhe vetë survejuesit e tij, të cilët i nxori jashtë loje, me një lëvizje të vetme.

The failure of the GPS interception seems to have led to the termination of the investigation against the police officer, MD Although the latter was seen driving away with his car, on the day of the event, the perpetrators of the execution at the Fushë-Kruja overpass, of Brilant Martinaj and his two companions, Besmir Hoxha and Dikler Vata. 

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