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The murder of Liridona Ademajt, Fuga: A serious and inexplicable event

The murder of Liridona Ademajt, Fuga: A serious and inexplicable event

Academician Artan Fuga, invited to Neës24 in the afternoon to talk about the murder of Liridona Ademjat, said that the event is inexplicable and serious, while he connected this with the phenomenon of immigration, since the Murseli family had been living in Sweden for many years.

Among other things, Fuga said that "I don't understand how a man leaves his wife in the car and drives away, when in fact he should have taken money from the robber in the car for self-defense."

" The event is serious, it is inexplicable. I cannot give the verdict that it is Liridona's husband who killed her. We are calling it a violent event that may have been organized by the husband. I wanted to say that there are murders of women by men in Albania, Kosovo, Europe, but each country has its own specifics. I want to emphasize that two things should not be confused. As far as I can see, this is an immigrant family. You don't have to put everything in one bag. A big change is happening in the West, immigration has this problem. The question I would ask is this: what happens to a family when they move to a more liberal culture. The woman benefits more from this, as she enters a new culture, a great emancipation. I'm talking in general, it's the model where the man thinks he has the rule and the primary role even in the service of the woman. What happens to the man? The man doesn't seem to see that those traditions don't work, he thinks that his norms and values ​​are being violated, he thinks that he is being trampled on. This is how the contradictions that lead to hatred slowly begin. This can then trigger this act. I don't know exactly how it happened, but I know that this structure brings these problems. There are people who cross this human gap.

I think we are entering a transitional phase where women in general as wives, daughters, mothers... What happens? She is running away from the inequality in the field of knowledge that she had with her husband. It's been 20-25 years since in university banks we see a ratio of 80 to 20%, there are more women than men. The woman over time is more open to the web, books, education and is less fond of football, political issues and so on. An imbalance has been created. The man considers himself superior, while this superiority of the man, the woman is passing. Men require their cultural dominance to go to such events. It is a transitional phase where the woman is gaining superiority and the men who do not accept it try not to allow this, often through violence.

I understand that in the period of enlightenment, school, education, culture makes one less violent towards crime. It is no longer true in the 21st century. Lack of education may be a cause, but the facts say that education and rise in social status is not a reason to prevent criminal acts. It is not an intellectual, no matter how close he is to politicians, intellectuals, or statuses, that he is minimized in relation to these acts.

I can't understand how a man... He should not have stopped the car but taken the car in front of him in self-defense. These add to my doubts, but I am by no means the judge. ", said Artan Fuga.


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