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The murder of Liridona, Karamuço: She knew very big secrets

The murder of Liridona, Karamuço: She knew very big secrets

The criminalistics expert, Ervin Karamuço, suspects that the reason for the murder of Liridona Murseli by her husband was a very big secret that she knew.

Karamuço said in Euronews Albania that this cannot be a feminicide murder, as according to him, it was carried out in complete coolness and well thought out.

"This is not a case of feminicide, I think. We considered femicide related to what we considered couple or intimate relationships, which precipitated to murder. But they have started with verbal, physical, psychological violence, the illegal removal of freedom and even sacrifice.

This is a specific case and the difficulty of the Police is to fully clarify the motives of the murder. He wanted the motives of the victim to take with him. Feminicide is done in hot blood, this was done in cold blood. When we have forethought and composure, then it is something more.

For me, the reasons are a very big secret that that woman had towards her husband. He has thought and reflected for a long time, he has planned ways for this woman not to harm her interests if she separates. There were different versions. It is a very serious cause" , said Karamuço.


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