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The murder of Pöllumb Islam in Greece, a 23-year-old man is arrested

The murder of Pöllumb Islam in Greece, a 23-year-old man is arrested

A 23-year-old member of the criminal group "L" was arrested by the Greek police as being involved in the murder of the 39-year-old Albanian Pëllumb Islami in a bar in Athens.
According to the Greek media, six arrest warrants have been issued against members of the "L" group, while the seventh warrant concerns an armed person who was in the company of the 39-year-old Albanian.
The sources announce that the group of Albanians escaped in a luxury Jeep after the event. At first it was reported that the Albanian was killed accidentally, but according to the investigations, he was targeted. Greek media reports that the 39-year-old was a member of the group with which the "L" gang had a dispute.

Earlier, the police managed to clarify the motives of the serious event, completely changing the whole dynamic. The killing of Islam was initially reported to have come from a blind bullet, after he had gone to watch a football match at the bar, where a fight broke out between two groups of compatriots who also used weapons.
But, after the analysis of the facts, it was discovered that the author of Pëllumb Islam's murder is Elis Salaj from Fieri, co-owner of a well-known night club on "Liosion" street in Athens. In December 2022, this citizen attempted to kill himself with an automatic firearm outside his business, but the perpetrator's weapon was blocked and he was forced to leave.

Elis Salaj, who is the head of a criminal group in Athens, known as "Group L", which controls brothels and drug trafficking in the Greek capital, has suspected that the author of the failed assassination attempt against him is Pëllumb Islam's brother.

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