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DP stamp, Bushati: Absurd theory about the Rama-Berisha pact

DP stamp, Bushati: Absurd theory about the Rama-Berisha pact

Analyst Andi Bushati declares that he finds the accusation that there was a Rama-Berisha pact to pass the DP seal to Re-establishment seem absurd.

On MCN TV, Bushati points out that despite receiving the stamp from the largest opposition group, Rama has stolen something else from the opposition, the isolation of Berisha.

"From a formal point of view, it was an unexpected decision. I personally did not expect that the seal would be given to what is actually the DP. I have heard a lot of the theory of a pact, but it seems to me something absurd. There are many people who say this theory, and which suits the power, that in the end Berisha and Rama are together.

But if they were together, Berisha would not be isolated. Saying that Rama has justice, then Rama also put Berisha in prison, but can you make a pact with a man who has isolated you?! This Appeal decision is a notarization of the decisions given by the High Court. What was the use of grabbing the seal, or not taking it to the majority? It served for what we saw in the March 6 and May 14 elections, to bring the opposition to face the government without finances, without media time, to turn justice and the courts into levers of power.

Today Berisha's party will also have commissioners, financing, Berisha's name on the list, but it will have its own isolated leader and it will be the first electoral campaign where the opposition leader cannot campaign, so Rama has given him one thing, but He stole something else from me ," said Bushati. 

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