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Put tritol in the apartment of Ilir Koçiljas, the perpetrator is identified

Put tritol in the apartment of Ilir Koçiljas, the perpetrator is

Florin Llana is the person who placed tritol in the apartment of Ilir Kociljas. According to information, Florin Llana has been announced as wanted. 

The police inform that one day after the incident he left Albania. Fortunately, there was only material damage and no injured people from the tritol explosion. 

Kocilja is the suspected perpetrator of the stabbing death of Halil Koka about two weeks ago, after a fight over a parking space.


The event that happened on 26.02.2024, in neighborhood no. 3, where an unidentified citizen planted explosives in a citizen's apartment.

Thanks to the quick and professional investigative actions, it became possible to identify the citizen suspected as the author of the placement of the explosive substance.

From the verifications carried out, it appears that this citizen left Albania, one day after the event.

The investigative structures of the Durres Police Station, after an in-depth investigative work, under the direction of the Durres Prosecutor's Office, based on surveillance cameras and police intelligence, have made it possible to identify the author of placing the explosive substance in the apartment owned by the citizen IK, where as a result of the extraction there was only material damage.

From the quick and professional investigative actions, the administration of the evidence at the scene, as well as the inspection of the cameras, it is suspected that the author left in a rented vehicle, towards neighborhood no. 6.

Following the procedural actions for this case, the suspected author, citizen F. Ll., previously convicted for other criminal events in the city of Durrës, was declared wanted.

Intensive work continues for his capture.

The procedural materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the Durrës General Jurisdiction, for further actions, for the criminal offense "Destruction of property with explosives".


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