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Balli Kombëtar's list for the April 25 elections is revealed, Alimadhi: Who gets one more vote wins the mandate

Balli Kombëtar's list for the April 25 elections is revealed,

Balli Kombëtar is the next party that has made public its candidates for MP for the central elections of April 25. This was announced by the head of this political force, Adriatik Alimadhi through a post on social networks.

This list is not final, as Alimadhi invites every ballist and every family that has had historical ties to the National Ball to join. Balli Kombëtar seems to be competing with open lists, because according to what Alimadhi declares, the one who gets the most votes gets the mandate and not the one who is at the top of the list.

Full statement:

Dear members, dear supporters of the Balli Kombëtar party, dear friends of this site, this is the list of candidates for deputy in the general parliamentary elections of April 25, 2021, Tirana Region.

Let me know according to the decision of the presidency that the lists are open and whoever gets one more vote wins the mandate.

I invite every Ballist and every family that has had a historical connection with the National Ball to join this non-final list in the definition.

I invite every Albanian who feels that he can compete is welcome according to the legislation to gain all the rights according to the contribution.

You are welcome until the legal deadline for submitting your request


Time for the National Ball.

1 - Adriatic Alimadhi

2 - Kujtim Lamaj

3 - Xhumelina Dervishi

4 - Arlindo Toro

5 - Qazim Mesiti

6 - Bukuri Sakolli

7 - Luan Mullai

8 - Endri Kaleshi

9 - Viola Bami

10 - Adnand Xhaferaj

11- Petrit Kamberi

12- Railda Droboniku

13 - Mestan Myftarago

14- Denis Cakmashi

15 - Vanessa Hysenllari

16 - Arjanit Lami

17 - Ilir Asllanaj

18 - Clyde Hida

19 - Ina Telallari

20 - Ardian Dusha

21 - Elton Lloha

22 - Lumturi Proko

23 - Elidjon Caco

24 - Sokol Ahmeti

25 - Gurie Haxhillari

26 - Dritan Troksi

27- Anil Gerboti

28 - Elvira Shala

29 - Gerald Rroshi

30 - Gjergji Hatellari

31 - Cyme Lulaj

32 - Erind Hoxha

33 - Alfred Bukaçi

34 - Vanina Kellezi

35 - Avdi Meli

36 - Edmond Agolli

37 - Eduart Lamaj

38 - Klodjan Alija


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