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16 plots of cannabis were discovered in Kruja, the perpetrators are being sought

16 plots of cannabis were discovered in Kruja, the perpetrators are being sought

Following the anti-cannabis police mega-operation coded "Clean Territory", another case of an attempt to cultivate narcotic plants was hit in Kruja.

The police announce that as a result of the checks, 16 open spaces where narcotic plants were cultivated were discovered in the villages of Brret and Picrrage, Krujë.

From these premises, 494 cannabis sativa seedlings and narcotic plants were found and destroyed.

" Special police teams, made up of officers from the Krujë Police Station, the Special Operational Force of the DVP Durrës and the FNSH Tirana, have continued checks in wooded areas of the district, assisted by drones, in order to prevent, evidence and cracking down on the criminal activity of cultivating narcotic plants.

As a result of the checks, during the eleventh phase of the anti-cannabis police operation coded "Clean Territory", in the villages of Brret and Picrrage, Krujë, 16 open premises were found where a total of 494 seedlings and suspected narcotic cannabis sativa plants were found cultivated . Suspected narcotic saplings and plants were destroyed by burning, except for a small portion that was seized as physical evidence.

Within the 10 phases of this mega-operation, 6,868 cannabis sativa narcotic plants were destroyed.

The Krujë Police Station and the Durrës Local Police Directorate are continuing the in-depth investigative actions to identify and capture the author(s) of this criminal activity.

Controls against the cultivation of narcotic plants continue throughout the territory of the district," the police announced.

The procedural materials were passed to the Prosecution at the First Court of General Jurisdiction in Durrës, for further actions, for the criminal offense "Cultivation of narcotic plants".

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