'Kosovo is part of Serbia', Kurti responds to Brnabic: We are known as a country in the world

'Kosovo is part of Serbia', Kurti responds to Brnabic: We are known as

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti and the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Bërnabič clashed at the Investment Summit organized by the EBRD in London. The Serbian Prime Minister, Brnabic stated that they see Kosovo as part of Serbia.

" Serbia is changing. And when I say central Serbia, it is the second time I am saying this, I mean Serbia that does not include in the statistics the autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohija, which we naturally see as part of Serbia.

This is politics, we are now talking about the economy and it is important for me to talk only about the economy ", said Bërnabič.

Ndwrkohw Kurti reacted by replying that the Republic of Kosovo is recognized as a country in the world.

" First of all, our key partner is the European community and we want to strengthen this cooperation. Kosovo has been recognized by 117 countries around the world, 22 out of 27 in Europe, 26 out of 30 in NATO and 3 out of 4 neighboring countries. We have no connection with the Russian Federation.

We have imposed sanctions on them and we want Ukraine to win this war. We need the world and democratic Europe to see the Kremlin and the despotic president, Putin, defeated.

Even if they wanted to, we wouldn't want to do business with them. We have a little import with China, but we mainly cooperate with the EU ", Kurti said.

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