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Tensions in the north/ The Serbian authorities arrest the deputy director of the Kosovo Police in Jarinje

Tensions in the north/ The Serbian authorities arrest the deputy director of the

The deputy director of the Kosovo Police of Serbian nationality, Dejan Jankovic, was detained by the Serbian authorities on Wednesday, Jeton Zulfaj, adviser to the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, announced on social networks. According to information within Kosovo's security institutions, Jankovic was detained at the border point with Serbia, Jarinje, in the north of Kosovo, and was sent for an interview to the southwestern city of Serbia, Raska.

Zulfaj also said that the Serbian authorities have started "massive arrests" after the vote in favor of Kosovo in the Parliamentary Assembly for membership in the Council of Europe and that they are holding "everyone hostage". 

Jankovic's suspension comes on the same day that Kosovo's Foreign Ministry said early Wednesday that Serbia has stopped buses carrying passengers from Kosovo at the borders with Croatia and Hungary as "a sign of retaliation against the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe's support for membership." of Kosovo in this organization".

However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia has denied as "baseless" the accusations of the Kosovar authorities that it has stopped buses with Kosovar travelers at its borders.

"The control of all passengers at the border points is being strengthened and security checks are being carried out, all this with the aim of greater safety and security of citizens, which may cause a longer stay at the border point itself," he said. Serbian ministry.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo (MPJK) has stated that regarding the issue of the detention of citizens of Kosovo in Serbia, it has addressed the QUINT countries - the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany, the institutions of the European Union and other international organizations.


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