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The murder of Liridona, Kurti reacts: The perpetrators should receive the maximum punishment

The murder of Liridona, Kurti reacts: The perpetrators should receive the

After the macabre murder of 30-year-old Liridona Ademajt, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has called for the perpetrators of this terrible event to receive the maximum punishment.

The Basic Court in Pristina on Sunday pronounced the measure of detention against Naim Murseli, Genc Plava and Kushtrim Kokalla.

Murseli is accused of having ordered the murder of his wife, Liridona, while Plava is accused of aggravated murder and possession of weapons without a permit, while Kokalla is accused of "agreement to commit aggravated murder".

"Liridona Ademaj was killed with premeditation. She was killed because she was a woman. Women and girls continue to be killed, while oppressive patriarchal norms are still widespread. Arresting criminals is not enough. The burden of the injustices of the justice system continues to fall on the shoulders of women and girls, as long as the perpetrators of the crimes do not receive deserved punishments. Today was the hearing, where the three suspects were assigned one month of detention.

The orderer, the accomplice and the accomplice in the murder of Liridona must be punished and receive the maximum sentence. This is done with an effective prosecutorial and judicial system aware of the high social duty they carry" , Kurti wrote on Facebook.

Kurti said that in order to prevent such macabre crimes, we must cooperate together in every field.

" The pain is great. Consciousness is collective, in each family, home. In order to prevent this macabre crime, we must work each and every one, in each field and country. This is the only way to eradicate this patriarchal and misogynistic culture, this violent and toxic masculinity.

And the citizens of the Republic expect from the public officials who work (or have worked) in state institutions that they should be a positive and progressive example in society for their behavior towards their partners and families and not criminals or criminals who believe they can succeed" , he said. written Kurti.

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