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One thing that Erion Veliaj forgets  

One thing that Erion Veliaj forgets  

Alfred Lela

We all know Erion Veliaj, aka Lali Erin. His advertising appetite is insatiable, and this constantly places him at the center of the public eye and ears. To understand his relationship with the media, a daily scan is enough and he realizes that he is very rare, not to say untouched at all, by most of them. Regarding this, it can be said that the mayor of Tirana is the most powerful media politician in the country.

If the prime minister is politically the most ruling, his successor at the helm of Tirana's affairs has the most significant media power. There is a consensus of silence about Veliaj, a kind of media omerta .

There are two reasons for this: the first relates to the series and importance of the favors and benefits that media owners can receive in municipal departments, with the direct blessing of its head. The second is related to the mythical willingness of Veliaj himself to 'find' the people of the media, even when they are not owners, but have access and voice, with all the municipal problems. That is numerous because, at the end of the day, the life of a resident of the capital is related to the municipality and its branches. Veliaj is famous for his willingness to go into detail and speed to get things done by media people. In this sense, the first Albanian mission is quite right about the concept of 'finished' for him.

The rest, like those who have a political opponent, like those who can not stand it, simply because they do not like it, or those who do not like running the affairs of the municipality, jump into what is called social media, where Facebook reigns. u, the network where they are posted from the most insignificant vanity curtsies to ominous anti-political complaints or even death announcements.

Here Erion Veliaj faces his opposition, whether real or fabricated.

A new dam is already being set up in front of the mayor of Tirana in the form of the Electoral Code, which provides for cautious and sensitive restrictions on the activity of public officials in the framework of the election campaign. A good portion of them takes effect four months before the election date. Veliaj has continued his activity undisturbed by intersecting in it two roles: that of the mayor with state and public mandate and that of the party and political delegate, as one of the leaders of the SP campaign for Tirana.

These two roles are encountered very often, and it must be said that separating one from the other is sometimes surgical. This only in the case if Erion Veliaj was not the mayor. The latter makes it quite easy to separate and identify municipal and political activity. This was used by the DP that sued Veliaj, and the CEC that fined the mayor. His decision to appeal the decision, but also the reasoning he gave to this step proves, in fact, not only Veliaj's violation but also her thick traces. The language used in response to the CEC decision is mot-a-mot what Veliaj uses in almost all public appearances that represent the municipality.

Forgetting in the process one important thing. He is the mayor of those residents of Tirana who did not vote for him, and the services he offers are paid with tax money, not only of the Socialists, but also of the opposition, whether these are Democrats, ballista, or independents.

Veliaj has the right to curse Luli and Dulqinja of Rrogozhina, but only in the framework of the SP campaign, with the coat of arms and the tag of this political force, not during the promotion of public works, with the banners of the municipality on their backs, for work that is taxed with taxpayers' money. Everyone. Yes. Even those who believe in Luli and his dulqingrats .

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