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The mortgage official who was caught with corruption was declared innocent, who is the judge who released Dako from the cell

The mortgage official who was caught with corruption was declared innocent, who

The former mayor of Durrës, Vangjush Dako, arrested for abuse of office, will leave the cell.

Judge Flojera Davidhi decided that Dako should be placed under house arrest, because the deadlines have expired, while investigations have been ordered.

We remind you that Dako has also been declared non grata by the United States of America.

Who is Flojera Davidhi?

Davidhi completed her studies at the Magistrate's School in 2014. After a period of internship at the Court of Tirana, she was appointed a judge at the Court of Korça.

In October 2019, Davidhi was appointed for a 2-year period as a legal advisor to the Commission Support Unit at the High Judicial Council.

In May 2021, the Independent Qualification Commission unanimously decided to confirm the Korça judge in office.

In October 2022, the High Judicial Council appointed Judge Davidhi as part of the team of the Special Court against the Crime of Corruption.

Regarding the figure as a judge, there was only a debate on a verdict of innocence given by Davidhi for a local official accused of taking 20 thousand lek (200 thousand old) in bribes. The case was discovered by the hidden cameras of an investigative show Fiks Fare, but Davidhi declared the official of Hipoteka innocent.

The judgment made a stir in the media, and was described as a rare decision, since the defendant herself asked to be punished, but the judge decided not to. When he was asked by the commissioners of Veting, why he acted like that, Davidhi answered:

"The court must be based on what is proven in the judicial process, that is, based on the evidence. I understand that there is a confusion, why the defendant herself requested punishment. She had performed actions not in accordance with the duty, but not in accordance with the criminal offense for which she was accused. It would not have been legal to punish someone, why did he accept the accusation, despite the fact that he did not commit elements of the criminal offense".

Her decision was then found right by the Appeal.

Sensational case

The mortgage official who was caught with corruption was declared innocent, who
Valbona Beshi

In 2019, Valbona Beshi, a former specialist of Hipoteka i Devolli, charged by the Korça prosecutor's office for corruption, managed to get acquitted in the court of this city.

The verdict of not guilty was given by the judge, Flojera Davidhi, who concluded that the case in question did not fall under the criminal law, and therefore rejected the request of the prosecution for Beshi's punishment, deciding to declare the former official innocent. mortgage.

The corrupt case was initially followed and denounced by the show "Fiks-Fare", where after the publication of the film material, where Valbona Beshi took an amount of 200 thousand ALL from a citizen, the case was taken over by the prosecution of Korça. A few months of investigations by the Korça prosecutor's office have been enough, and the prosecutor of the case, Gentian Stoja, has proceeded with sending the investigative material to the court, where Valbona Beshi, a former cartography specialist in Devolli's mortgage, has been charged.

Prosecutor Stoja asked the jury to sentence Beshi to 2 years of imprisonment for the charge of corruption, a measure of punishment that, according to the prosecutor, should be converted into probation. But after the withdrawal of the jury, judge Flojera Davidhi, has decided to plead not guilty.

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