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Edi Rama, traitor or player?

Edi Rama, traitor or player?

The visit to Turkey could mark the most important electoral episode of Edi Rama for the April 25th elections. He has received not only the Turkish reception and Erdogan's personal support but also some 'gifts' that, in an environment, he always sees on his hands, will help him in the next elections.

Despite the fact that here in Tirana we try to present the Prime Minister as lost, the opposite is true.

Having said that, to be fair to the truth, one cannot help but add that, if Rama and the government win, the Albanians lose.

In terms of integration, Albania suffers from flirting with Erdogan who is seen as the knight of a conservative Islam and eastern autocracy. The identification of Albanian-Turkish friendship in terms of religion and historical ties creates an unfavorable context in terms of identity and an increasingly damaging cultural dependence.

While Rama serves his political project, and Erdogan as much as the civil war with the Gulenists as much as the neo-Ottoman platform, both together damage the essence of Albanianism, the Occidental tendency. Which was founded by the renaissance and went against everything that represented the Turkey of the early 20th century. Turkey, of course, has changed a lot over time, but for Albanians, one thing remains the same: the insistence on making Albania European.

Despite this, Edi Rama took his name from Konica, Fishta, and Naim, calling himself a renaissance man, but not infrequently appears in Tirana, Prizren, or Istanbul, with the mask of the dumbaba.

We misinterpret criticism and make it unbelievable if we say that the prime minister is a Turk, a traitor, etc. He is neither more nor less than a pragmatist. His betrayal lies in the fact that he spends his own and the party's money at the expense of Albania.   

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