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Impossible peace Berisha-Basha

Impossible peace Berisha-Basha

Alfred Lela

Attempts to stop the story, or the idea that has entered its course, are generally daughters of naivety. True, peace is tempting, but only for weak natures. Or, in the other case, for those who seek peace from the premises of personal interest. Both have been said about Sali Berisha: that he is not weak in nature, but also that he makes this battle for personal interest.

This is his case to prove that in dozens of lectures, lectured and heard throughout Albania, he has passed from personal interest to the public.

Any attempt to call for peace in these moments should not be seen more than the cries of the one who rushes after a train that has run away leaving him behind.

As you know, Albanians suffer from this syndrome. When they arrive late at the station they say: the train left me. Never: I was late.

Peace, however, is a cry to stop the train that has left the station. It is a trap to stop that train, no matter how many stations ahead there are more people waiting for the same vehicle.

Peace is a calculation, but not a reason. And it is unreasonable to justify a political detente when Foltorja, even if it was set up for personal interests, served to explode the quagmire of that detente that has left Albania without opposition, without alternative and, as the last electoral race proved, even without rotation.

There are many who argue that with Sali Berisha and his non grata the chances of the PD coming to power, ie rotation, are slim or zero at all. It may be so. But Berisha provides at least two of the three criteria of a normal political life: the opposition and the alternative.

After eight long years of experiments, produced in smoke to ensure accelerated rotation, Albania is in endless misery of lack of opposition and alternative. To bet another 2, 4, or 8 years, that the same amateurish leadership, articulator of the same political model, follower of the same methodology, methodologist of the old testament of loss, is naivety or idiocy.

Peace is usually sought to save the weakest, and it does nothing but slow down or stop the process of purification that can only be achieved through war. All those who depend on any hope of the current president, perhaps to acquire the wisdom of his borrowed expression: throw me once your fault, throw me the second, my fault.

Peace is a way for Basha to throw it once again. Peace would be a way for Berisha to win at the table, but this is a war that has been brought to his doorstep, and a close victory is not enough for him.

He has in mind the humiliation that has been done to him and what he wants to give in return.

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