The Democratic Party is no longer recognized even by its own heroes

The Democratic Party is no longer recognized even by its own heroes

Alfred Lela

Sali Berisha may have aimed at symbolism and deliberation in selecting an hour of the night to pay homage to the place where Azem Hajdari was killed 23 years ago. Berisha wanted to evoke and link the murder at night of the late Hajdari and his 'murder', at night, by Lulzim Basha. Likewise, he may have wanted to contrast as ‘day to night’ with the Democratic Party chief.

For Berisha, the night is not something new, in its political sense. He probably remembered the stormy nights of the December Movement, those during and after Azem's assassination, right under the Democratic Party headquarters, or the long nights of great loneliness in the period '97 -2005, when he was abandoned by the international community, especially the Americans.

The night is not foreign to Basha either. He became legendary as the leader announcing the lists of candidates for MPs late at night; that night he delivered his April 26 speech on the Democratic Party's defeat in the last election. After the night of September 9 had fallen, he also announced the expulsion of his predecessor from the Democratic Party parliamentary group.

As for the night of September 12, 2021, Sali Berisha had an element in the decor that Basha lacked, who had chosen a clock full of autumn light to commemorate the December leader. Azem's son, Kir Hajdari.

Rudina, Azem's political successor, was missing from both DP parades. "His father's daughter, as Sali Berisha called him, entered a course of conflict with the democratic leadership when he decided not to burn his mandate in February two years ago, avoiding Basha's decision. In terms of rebellion, Azem's legacy has survived on it.

Within the meaning of heritage, both Berisha and especially Basha, owe the Democrats and the party's political tradition a new relationship with Rudina Hajdari. The annual commemorations at the monument, while you have strained to the end the relationship with your daughter, reveal something of the futility and hypocrisy of the ritual.

If not this one: The Democratic Party, as it turned out this early September, is no longer recognized even by its heroes.

A party that, clearly, seems to have concluded an era, but can not present a new one. It is true that Berisha and his henchman seemed threatening inside their 'old', but not inappropriate. But, it is no less true that even Basha with his sword did not look young. Although this was Basha's goal, the introduction of his new leadership in the party. The absence of a single character coming from the PD of the time of Berisha and Hajdari obscured the idea of ​​tradition. Especially when you go out in public to celebrate exactly the tradition.

Coincidence turns into symbolism once again. The photo of the memorial gives us this picture: Basha with his face to face from the Azem monument and with his back to the former headquarters of the Democratic Party, where most of its history was written.

Writing history requires acts, of course, but even without symbolism it does not.

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