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Erdogan's visit: Turkish soap opera, even for those who do not watch it

Erdogan's visit: Turkish soap opera, even for those who do not watch it

Alfred Lela

The appearance of the Turkish president yesterday in Tirana was a refreshment of memory:

First, it allowed those who do not like Ertrugul or Suleiman the Magnificent to watch a long episode of several hours of Turkish soap opera.

Secondly, he told us, the love of his older Turkish brother passes over the thin neck of his political opponents, the Gulenists who 'hide' in Albania.

Third, Albania's relationship with Turkey can not escape the religious dimension. Erdogan appeared and spoke as the 'pope of Islam'. His speeches featured more minarets and crescents than the political language of a secular statesman.

Of course, in any relationship, as a small country, we have to be patient. No one comes to give us anything without getting something. No one passes by chance.

Erdogan, a frequent guest of these parties, much less. It also brings with it the burdens of history. Or the burdens of religion.

It seems that he does not 'make fun of us' as the leader of the secular Turkish state, but as the sultan of a former empire that seeks to be rebuilt, from Albania to Syria.

But, like nothing else, he did us a favor today. He reminded Albania on Facebook that our national hero Gjergj Kastrioti, on January 17, has the anniversary of his death.

In the end, we should be critical, but also grateful. Several hundred Albanian families are now sheltered by his help. The question we must continue to ask is: at what price and, who pays?

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