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"VIP arrest in the house of the stars"

"VIP arrest in the house of the stars"

Arrests are always sensational, but when they happen inside Big Brother, the event becomes an unforgettable movie.

Liam Osmani, in the most surprising way possible, defied all predictions by becoming the main protagonist of a police operation in the heart of a building that until today was only famous for star fights over a piece of cheese left in the fridge or the heated debate whether the earth is flat or round.

Instead of elaborate strategies to win the public's sympathy, he chose a more direct and exciting path: To become the target of a police chase.

In an act that can be considered the most revolutionary strategy in the history of Big Brother, Osmani changed the dynamics of the game. Instead of looking for alliances inside the house, starting from rumors and common provocations, he chose an ally outside the "most famous" house, the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana.

While the residents there invest time and nerves to connect and settle with the other residents, Osmani chose the safe way to return to the former fame: To become the protagonist of an arrest in real time, thus giving the "reality show" a whole new meaning.

Instead of a finale with tears, condolences and hugs, Osmani, with an unexpected move, changed his status from the most wanted person to the most clicked person, giving new meaning to the word "vip" - Very Idiot Person or Very Important Prisoner.

Perhaps the biggest lesson to be learned from this police saga is that in the quest for fame, some choose to sing, dance, or perform comedy, while others... just look for handcuffs live on television.

The young player taught us that there is no need to worry about public votes when you can secure their attention with a police operation.

After all, what is more exciting to see a person trying to win 100 thousand euros by staying hidden inside a house with cameras for weeks or to witness his arrest on live broadcast?

As he himself declares, he knew that there is a complaint against him and not a conviction.

After traveling by plane from Germany to enter the BB VIP, he passed the border control in Rinas without any problems. Big Brother will open the black envelope to find out how this transition happened. While he from the most famous house, ended up in the house without rent.

The player of the famous house clearly proved again and again that you cannot be a VIP in Albania if you are not convicted of fraud and most importantly, even the police follow Big Brother.

Let's hope that certain mayors, deputies or ministers will not follow this game strategy, but will be more sophisticated.

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