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Response asymmetry

Response asymmetry

With  Genc Pollo

On January 11, 2011, a television station close to the opposition Socialist Party showed a video where two members of the government appeared to be discussing a corruption affair. Ten days later, the head of the SP, mobilizing militancy throughout the country, called a "demonstration" with violent squads (you remember "Toma's thugs") that attacked the police or the guard with tragic consequences for four people. Among the two members of the government in question, one was dismissed a year ago and the other resigned immediately after the publication of the video. This fact did not stop the opposition from demonstrating violently even though the initial demand (resignation) was fulfilled.

Today, the civil society and the opposition called the second protest rally in front of the Tirana municipality where the speakers demanded the resignation of the mayor Veliaj (max) and the meeting of the Municipal Council according to the motion of the PD/LSI councilors (min); the police pushed the protesters and they threw firecrackers and flares at the walls of the town hall.

Unlike January 2011, today we have a detailed court decision where the nature of corruption and abuse exceeds not only precedents but also imagination.

Unlike January 2011, today the mayor, based on what we read in the court decision and what we know from him before and after the arrest of the municipal directors, is completely exposed not only morally and politically but also criminally.

Unlike in January 2011, today the court demands the investigation of the mayor Veliaj, whom the special prosecutor, with a "myopia" that is returning to the model, had left out of the investigation.

Even for any Tutku who still believes that the corruption of v2011 is more problematic than that of v2024, it is clear that today not only the nature of corruption but especially the arrogance of the corrupt is beyond precedent and imagination.

Therefore, the public reaction does not have to be average. The Municipality of Tirana is not one of many eyes, but the second center of power in the country, as correctly formulated by the deputy prime minister on the run.

Even the opposition can no longer be satisfied with rallying calls issued at night in front of the microphone and then in WhatsApp groups.

A great mobilization in Tirana and beyond will be needed for this great scandal. Without violent "thugs" but with will and determination!

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