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New names, old problem

New names, old problem

By Lutfi Dervishi

Changes in the government did not come from street pressure, nor from opposition pressure, but from the shadow of Justice and the routine of change for the sake of change.

Those who left, those who came, and those who circulated, received the news at the same time as the public.

Both those who left and those who were circulated did not understand why they left. But the most surprised are those who became ministers.

The new names do not mean anything to the public, because the ruling Party has avoided the public debate for 10 years - in which the politicians stand out. Focused on propaganda and the idea that we have no opposition, the new names in the government cabinet (except for Mazniku) do not say anything to the public.

The prime minister seems to have decided to also be the prime minister of foreign affairs, not to have too many obstacles from the accounts department, and has the luxury of accommodating whomever he wants and putting out on the streets those who become a burden to him.

Although he spoke for almost an hour about the extraordinary success in tourism, the Prime Minister was not calm, let alone smiling. The short shadow of SPAK and the long list of scandals are the other side of the coin.

The motto that responsibility is individual does not exclude political, administrative and moral responsibility. Corruption that is both elite and capillary in the country cannot be fought with 8 SPAK prosecutors. The solution is not SPAK. It is primarily the responsibility of the executive.

The affairs for which half of the left government is in SPAK, did not come from heaven, nor are they discovered by SPAK and are not unintentional mistakes. The affairs have been revealed by the media, civil society and the opposition for years. SPAK, sometimes timidly and sometimes more strongly, is collecting the thread that the opposition and civil society have sent to the door. Even in big cases, the quality of the denunciation is higher than that of the investigation.

Do të ishte për t’u duartrokitur qeveria nëse strukturat antikorrupsion të ekzekutivit të dërgonin dosjet apo denoncime në SPAK. Do të ishte ideale që me zbulimin e aferave të kishim distancim.

Ajo që kemi parë është mohim, kundërshtim, rezistencë deri në pikën ku gota e zullumit është mbushur dhe nis dhe derdhet. Dhe rezistenca është bërë edhe në komisionet hetimore parlamentare.

Problemi i korrupsionit që gjatë këtyre 10 viteve ka ardhur duke u majisur nuk zgjidhet me predikime dhe paralajmërime. (Është detyrë e hoxhës dhe priftit të flasë kundër vjedhjes) nuk bëhet vreshti me urata, por me shata e lopata!

Lufta ndaj korrupsionit kërkon në radhë të parë vullnet politik, reforma të thella dhe përgjegjësi politike, llogaridhënie brenda ekzekutivit.

If the Prime Minister and the government take press articles seriously (especially investigative articles), if the internal controls and anti-corruption departments will work, if responsibility will be drawn from the reports of the KLSH and the parliamentary investigative commissions, if the denunciations of the opposition will not be considered as mud to the "achievements of the government, then the government today would be calmer and would not boast that it is not leaving SPAK without work.

The changes in the government and the speech of the Prime Minister do not give any signal that there will be a pro-active approach to corruption. The main message is: beware of SPAK. "Two hands for a head".

The changes in the government on the 10th anniversary of the coming to power of the SP, apart from the names, do not bring anything new. The problems are old.

*Taken from the "FB" of the author

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