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Opinion/ In which room of the house would you place a photo of Edi Rama?

Opinion/ In which room of the house would you place a photo of Edi Rama?

from Naum Mara

As a kind of "black humor," in this article, I am touching on some "matches" in the years of our legendary Commander with Spiropal's "today's Skenderbeu." Perhaps Spiropali also considered this similarity but used Skenderbeu's name to be "politically correct."

It occurred to me that, in 1968, when "Our Enver" turned 60 years old and was consolidated in power, it was thought that the time had come for his photo to be in all Albanian homes, excluding those of the enemies of class. Beautiful photos were taken, where the calm and smiling Leader stood firm in his armchair in front of some flowery bushes. The images were of different sizes and distributed to household heads based on their importance at work. This is how the pyramid worked. The smaller "13x18" photos were given to ordinary workers. All had to be placed in the most visible place in the best room of the house.

Edi Rama is approaching his 60th anniversary, and in power, he is stronger than ever. Perhaps, on July 4, a cycle with his photos can be realized in Vila e Surreli and distributed to Albanians. After the giant posters and pictures everywhere on social networks, there is no reason they should not have a photo in their living room, not only the activists but all the Albanians who love and trust him.

But some other numbers coincide, maybe not terribly, but are worth mentioning. They look like a parodic form of the fate of Albanians. Rama embarked on a political career in 1997, when he was 33 years old, just as "Legendary" was when Koço Tashkoja approached him in the secret meeting of November 1941. Rama was approached by Fatos Nano, who thought he could use him as an effective tool against his political opponents.

Then, with the same talent as an intriguer, Rama climbed the ladder to absolute power, using every means that gave him an advantage over the companions of an "ideal." He added control of the Party by using pressure, whispering, selling others, flowers in hospitals and birthday gifts, and all kinds of machinations, which are not even in the book "Prince," just like the Commander, at the age of 40. "Koço Tashkoja- Fatos Nano" regretted bringing the "Monster" to the Party, but it was too late.

Of course, the laws of the new system do not allow Edi Rama to either shoot his friends or isolate the country. 

When he was 53 years old, Enver Hoxha completely closed Albania to Albanians. At the same time, at the age of 53, when he received his second governing mandate, Rama began to force Albanians to leave the country in considerable measure. So he did the opposite of his Hero. The only similarity lies in the relationship that the strengthening of power in a man's hand has with the increase of paranoia.

On the verge of turning 60, Edi Rama has the absolute power he has had during his career and has become more paranoid than ever. He proves it in his approach to the high governing spheres of many non-brilliant and "yes men." Those who start to "increase ambitions" take them down a few steps, reminding you all that there is only room for Zeus in the Olympus of the Socialist Party. All others are disposable. He made this so clear to his subordinates that many ministers repeated this refrain.

Even though we don't go to wish them "Live as long as our mountains!", it's not even a good idea to tear "Supernatural Forces" took him an hour earlier.

After all, it's not his fault—just a similarity of numbers.

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