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To live the political loneliness!

To live the political loneliness!

Kim Mehmeti

Presidential and parliamentary elections will soon be held in the Republic of North Macedonia with what the parties here have started: the battle to come to power and run this country where politics is the most profitable business and where most of the rulers act according to the communist mentality that you don't become a capitalist by work but by robbing the people and your country. Or that in the state, everything can change, but not even the price of a voter, which should not exceed that of a sheep. And that a democratic society is one where a fool with a party book can represent hundreds of wise citizens and a thieving official extorts and robs thousands of honest citizens.

The battle of the local Macedonian and Albanian parties to strengthen their pre-election coalitions has the old signs of trying to lure and benefit the parties of the smaller ethnic groups. What made the local Albanian and Macedonian party leaders express "fraternal" feelings and political blood towards the Turks, Roma, Serbs, Bosniaks... But not towards the Bulgarians, whom almost no one wants, maybe because in today's Macedonia, they are treated as enemies of the people and the state; thus, anyone who supports them is aligned on the anti-state front.

While it is somewhat understandable for the ethnic Macedonian parties to reject the Bulgarians who want their people to change the data in the 'Birth Book,' it is meaningless why the Serbian mentality also guides the Albanian parties and is not the right one. Today and in these spaces, they renew the friendship of the times of the national Renaissance with the Bulgarian people.  

Yes, in pre-election Macedonia, the Albanian and Macedonian parties strengthen their electoral muscles through cooperation with the parties of the Turks, Roma, Serbs, Bosniaks..., but not with the Bulgarian ones. As a result, the Bulgarians here are left to live in their pre-election loneliness, feeling like an insignificant political factor. And maybe they even ask themselves how it happened that from a decisive and determining factor in the past for the fate of this country and this people, today they are their 'enemy'.

And their pre-election political loneliness best reveals the reason for the Bulgarians' silence here, as well as why they are often forced to use the formula invented by the Macedonians: to live in the flock of your ethnicity and cross yourself. In the church, but in order to survive and be employed through the ethnic key, to declare that you are an Albanian who prays in the mosque?!

So this loneliness of theirs best shows that even today's Macedonia is hostage to the Serbian political mindset according to which the Bulgarians and Albanians are its natural enemies, and if it cannot deny the Albanians, then it must do as much as possible to weaken them as much as possible and keep the Bulgarians as far away as possible. That, too, mainly by endangering their survival and keeping them silent, just as it silences all the others unusable for political parties.

Meanwhile, in the Republic of North Macedonia, the individual has no value and is nobody if he does not vote for his "thieves" who will represent him in the state institutions and if he does not have his party's booklet, which is a "diploma" superior to be employed. So you can be in Macedonia, but politically, it does not exist when you are in the hands of those who do their best to appear more than they are and are different from what they are.   

Yes, the day of presidential and parliamentary elections is approaching in the Republic of North Macedonia. The Macedonian parties promise that they will not submit to Bulgarian demands and will not allow someone from abroad to write their history. The Albanian parties swear that they love the country they live in and that they will lead it towards the West.

Meanwhile, both of them do not want to face the truth that the better off the party leaders are, the worse off the state is, and the more impoverished the people are, the richer the rulers get. They don't even want to face the truth that the state where they operate is increasingly rotting from the inside and that the citizens of this country increasingly feel like mere numbers.

Numbers that have value only during the periodic population census or during the elections, when the vote-buying fair opens, and when the tents of the pre-election circus are erected.  

When the battle begins in the Republic of North Macedonia to benefit as many voters as possible, when everyone forgets yesterday's mutual insults and the ethnicity of those who will vote when the party members feel that all their supporters and voters are brothers.

This is not at all strange in this country where not only the party affiliation but also the ethnic one is changed seasonally in order to survive. It happened, for example, with Orthodox Albanians and the vast majority of Bulgarians, who, after accepting the Serbian political mindset and perhaps tired of political isolation, assimilated and became ethnic Macedonians.

Not only that but today, they are among the most passionate defenders of the Macedonian ethnicity from the Albanian and Bulgarian danger. 

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